sunnuntai 13. lokakuuta 2013

Nuclear Throne anti-gardening!

Hi guys!

Some early access gameplay with current SFX only (no music except victory jingle), proving that Plant can be a deadly predator if used properly ;) !
The video/sound quality is a bit iffy due to the free version of XSplit but yeah, it gives some indication of things :)

I'll be writing a looooong blog post about this game in the near future, explaining why things are done how they're done and a bit about the languages I wrote for the game which the mutants use to communicate!

Also I will probably start giving talks to events about Nuclear Throne when the sound design is almost ready, so if you host any events and want me to talk about Nuclear Thrones sound design please don't hesitate to contact me, I currently do talks about Badlands sound design of which the next talk is in GameCity next week, wheeeeee!!

I try to not make this blog a marketplace full of selfish adverts, I promise...
I should be sleeping, it's 2AM and I have to wake up early, argh!

ps. regarding earlier post I tried the 'trimmer inside a pan' idea, didn't work for me >:( damn!

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