torstai 17. lokakuuta 2013

Eyeing you up!

Yo yo yoooo!

Okay, this quick post is about me seeing (no pun) a lot of players not understanding how Eyes special power 'mindcontrol' works in Nuclear Throne. So here's a quick video showing what this mutant can do and also showing why it's a good idea to be careful with 'mindcontrol' :)

Also if you're being creative, why not try a melee build on this character, i'm sure you'll get the hang of it fast enough ;)

Awrite, in 28hours i'm off to the airport to go to GameCity in Nottingham, UK!!
Mega excited and phew there's so much to do! I think i've got two seminar/talks over there and a two hour lecture i'm holding about videogame sound design, so if you're over there come and check 'em out! Plenty of interviews too which is super nice! And hanging out with friends in this magical video game town!! YESSSSSS!

Oh god, I have to wake up soon and do intense amounts of work towards a videogame i'm working on before leaving... Also mixed a metal bands EP today at my workplace, something reminiscent of Slayer/Megadeth/Testament/Anthrax, that was pretty fun but I seriously am not a fan of Dynaudio speakers as my mixes tend to be super flabby with them, too much excess low middle mud :/ must repair that mix ASAP after GameCity, otherwise fine!

Tip of the day: Get used to a certain pair of headphones and learn them like no other, buy a thousand of them so if they ever go out sale you'll have plenty for backup, this is probably the only way to be 80% sure of your mixes where ever you are! REFERENCE MONITORING!

Ooooooh GameCity, can't wait!!

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