sunnuntai 13. lokakuuta 2013

Lazers, oh so many lazers!!

Hmmm wow, lately i've had a lot of requests to make lazer sounds for vidya games...(!?!)
Sure it's easy to make simple shooting sounds as they are not that frequent as opposed to loops and you can really use a lot of normal impact sounds to add punch and "uhnnn yeah I shot that!!" feels into them, but now I have a request for lazer loops which atleast in my opinion are pretty hard sounds to make as you don't want sounds to irritate or give headaches (in most cases that is!)... what I decided to do here is kinda steer away from the basic high pitch synthesized "my ears hurt" sound to use more organic sounds, recorded my usual train trip out of the trains window and trying to manipulate that as there are some decent high end sounds and low end rumblings, lets see how this pans out hahah, oh and ofcourse there is a LOT to learn from Ben Burtt so I just might try some of his clever ideas, like putting a trimmer inside a pan and checking out how that sounds!
How do you guys do your lazer loops :) ? please don't hesitate to either answer me here or pop me a message on twitter @KissaKolme

Oh yeah it's GameCity in less than a week, so excited!!
I have two talks over there so feel welcome to come check em out, one talk about the sounds of Badland and one talk over video game sound design and how to improve your hearing and how to implement that into your designs and why it's important to stick to a style in a game and why to "not care what's considered standard" in design. Also if you see me there feel free to say hi and hang out :)

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