perjantai 11. lokakuuta 2013

Hello there!

Wow, people were asking me that do I have a blog about my sound design stuff, well, now I do but I am not sure what to actually write as with work most of the stuff is secret but maybe i'll share some insights into various topics and what just comes into my mind :)

To start off for those who do not know me yet:

My name is Joonas Turner and I am a professional video game sound designer.
I am half English and half Finnish.
I live in Helsinki Finland and I work at E-Studio which is a big music studio where I was a intern in 2011 and I joined them in 2012 as a full time worker, bringing video game audio into the studio.
At the time of writing I am 26 years old and I studied film sound at Heltech AV in Helsinki Finland.
Some games I have worked with include BADLAND by Frogmind, Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer, The Swapper by Facepalm Games.
My work with video games is a bit like freelance/outsource so I get to work with various companies and individuals.
I also hold seminar talks and lectures at schools and events about video game sound design.
I'm a hobbyist video game designer and I love to attend game jams!

So yeah that's a basic intro of me I think, yay!

I am really bad at writing/grammar so I apologize that in advance as the coming blogposts are going to be completely atrocious in this respect but hopefully the content is interesting for those who like reading random sound design/audio stuff :) like I said, i'll just type stuff that comes into my mind so this is not to be taken as a scientific or a place to study absolutes, just my insights from the moment I write stuff! Cool? Lets do this!!


ps. it's almost 0100 am, damn!

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