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Minecon 2013

Phew hi people!!

Last blog post was aeons ago, sorry for that, I also "forgot" or didn't really have time to write about Minecon so i'll get that out of the way now as a separate post to my coming fall 2013/a review of the past year post :)

Right after GameCity I got a call from Rami from Vlambeer that I need to go to Minecon to present Nuclear Throne at the indie section, so with a few hours warning I packed my stuff and had a rummage through accomodations until Adriel helped me find a hotel, then I headed to Orlando, Florida, USA.

Arriving to Orlando I was tired and seemingly jetlagged beyond recognition also very disorientated 'cause I wasn't a 100% of what's up but eventually I managed to get to the venue and got to set up all the required stuff (oh yeah, I also bought speakers with me and the game on a usb stick, heh, true indie stuff here!).

 <--- whooo setting up minecon at the same time!

After setting up I decided to head to the hotel 'cause I couldn't find the other indies as they were eating somewhere and I was reaaaally tired so yeah, sleep felt like the best idea so I tried to find a that was quite something I tell you, I found some super sleazy super unofficial looking taxi which I decided to skip, erggghhh, luckily I found an more official looking taxi and then realized just how far the hotel was, it was around 7-10 km distance away but yeah, not really an issue as such luckily :)

The hotel was HUUUUUGE, it was actually an five star hotel (if I remember right) and it looked so posh and high class, I love staying at places like that 'cause i'm everything but posh and high class hahah...

<--- the hotel view wasn't that posh tho, but I actually liked the view, oddly relaxing!

Okay, first day of minecon was really fun, the whole event started overly epic as Notch lit some "redstone" that then "exploded" a wall that rose up to let all the crazy attendees to the exhibition venue itself. I don't really know what to write about the demoing of the game, almost everyone who played it liked it and a lot of people bought it right away on steam with their mobile phones which seemed crazy to me, it's a new world I tell you!!

Oh and then there was this one over excited kid that still makes me smile:

The first evening of Minecon itself was really fun, i'm kind of used to the usualy beer evenings at the pubs but this time it was an (jetlagged) adventure at the universal studios theme park which was a fun change of pace, also I got to meet up and chat with the other devs more over there :) made some good friends there too! Oh and Robin Arnott was there too with SoundSelf so got to meet him again! OH and met ofcourse C418 again as you might know he's kinda involved with Minecraft ;)

 <--- RAWR! Me and Jon Tunnell who's making Contraption Maker

<--- I met superman "...."

Cool, so, day 2 was much of the same as day 1 so yeah, it was SUPER fun :) also before the event started I had a duel with BaraBariBall creator Noah Sasso on Super Pole Riders as he was holding the Sportsfriends booth over at Minecon! I swear I lost 'cause i'm not used to playing it with ps3 controllers ;) heh

The evening of day 2 brought us the VIP Club party with....MR.OIZO AND BOYSNOIZE playing sets, now....WHAT?!?! I was supposed to get mega pissed and dance around naked but then the jetlag kicked in like a Slugger in Nuclear Throne, I just couldn't drink or do anything, I kept on bobbing my head as I was falling asleep all the time, hell disapointed in me but hey, I can't tour and party like crazy all of time it seems :(

 <--- mr.oizo and boysnoize !!

Okay so I had one random wonder around day before heading back home to Finland, didn't really have much to do and I hung out with Stéphanie Yath who was presenting their game Dungeon of the Endless at Minecon indies until she had to leave to the airport, then I battled against my will of what to do, should I head to town to find shops or what should I do, all this worrying about food and stuff until I realized by accident...there's a gigantic shopping mall attached to the hotel...seriously probably the biggest shopping mall i've been that kinda took a few hours of wondering around and I ended up buying Dragons Crown for the PSVITA. Also had some weird chinese food that was way over priced for what I got...hmphth....oh and on the way to Target food shop I bumped into two cats and I tried to pet them but they ran away :(

<--- traditional healthy hotel food

I guess that was pretty much my weird non-sound related OH WAIT A SECOND, on the very first night I actually made a sound for Badland purely 100% on the iPad 'cause there was a patch in a rush to get released, so that was my first from start to finish recorded edited and mixed sound all with the iPad, it wasn't easy I tell you but it was possible so yay, now I can say i've done that for a released product :P

Oh and I watched a lot of Adventure Time in the hotel, I actually miss lying on a hotel bed watching the telly and eating garbage, that's probably me in my happiest and most relaxed mindset for some reason...i'm weird... Cheetos are pretty good!

Okay, so, yeah, I really have nothing to add here other than a picture of my packing, hope this was even slightly amusing to read, just wanted to get this out of my system :D until next time :)

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